Monday, January 11, 2010

Cab hosts Delaware Speech League Tournament

The first annual Delaware Speech League Tournament was held at Cab Calloway School of the Arts on Saturday, January 9, 2010 in the school library from 9 am to 1:30 pm. Students from five area schools competed in categories including: dramatic poetry script presentation, extemporaneous speech, social studies trivia, literature trivia, memorized poetry presentations, memorized prose/monologue and science trivia, math trivia--no calculator (Algebra I through Calculus), and dramatic monogoue with script.

Cab Calloway School of the Arts and Sanford School tied for 1st, Salesianum placed 2nd, and Tall Oaks and Pencader Charter both received Honorable Mentions in the Delaware State Speech League 1st Tournament of 2010. The next tournament will be held at Conrad.

The Award for Most Personable Student at the Event went to Pencader student, Nelson Roland. Most Valuable Volunteer Award went to Cab Calloway’s Shannon Clark.

Complete competition results:

Dramatic Poetry Script Presentation:
  1. Sydney Rubin, Cab Calloway
  2. Jamila Mustafa, Cab Calloway
  3. Justin Grant, Pencader Charter

Honorable Mention: Danny Coburn, Sanford School and Beth Comeau, Cab Calloway.

Extemporaneous Speech Competition:

  1. Jacob Sackett Sanders, Cab Calloway
  2. Danny Coburn, Sanford School
  3. Jerrod MacFarlane, Salesianum

Honorable Mentions: Nelson Roland and Pencader Charter and 11th grader Andre Sumiel at Sanford School.

Social Studies Trivia Competition:

  1. Danny Coburn, Sanford, Eamon Schotterback, Salesianum ,and Jacob Sackett-Sanders, Cab Calloway (three-way tie)
  2. Jamie Lock and Brendan Fitzgerald both of Salesianum, (two-way tie)
  3. Josh Katz, Sanford, and Sean Kerrigan, Salesianum (two-way tie)

Honorable Mention: Sanford’s Mary Mecca and Jerrod MacFalane from Salesianum.

Literature Trivia Competition:

  1. Eamon Schlotterback, Salesianum
  2. Brandan Fitzgerald, Salesianum, and Jacob Sackett-Sanders, Cab Calloway (two-way tie)
  3. Marcin Cencek, Cab Calloway, and Jamie Luck, Salesianum (two-way tie)

Honorable Mentions Abraham: Ross of Cab Calloway, Matt Zaldivar of Cab Calloway, and Mary Mecca of Sanford.

Memorized Poetry Presentations:

  1. Sydney Rubin, Cab Calloway
  2. Jasmine Lopez, Cab Calloway
  3. Ashley McNeill, Cab Calloway

Honorable Mentions: Place Halle Burns of Cab Calloway.

Memorized Prose/Monologue Presentations:

  1. Halle Burns, Cab Calloway
  2. Tatiana Lofton, Cab Calloway
  3. Jasmine Lopez, Cab Calloway

Honorable Mention: Cristina Roegel of Sanford School and Mary Mecca of Sanford School (tie).

Science Trivia Competition:

  1. Josh Katz, Sanford
  2. Matt Zaldivar, Cab Calloway
  3. Daniel Barker and Jacob Sackett-Sanders, both of Cab Calloway (two-way tie)

Honorable Mention: Danny Coburn of Sanford School, Marcin Cencek and Andrew Zaldivar of Cab Calloway.

Math Trivia-no Calculator (Algebra I though Calculus):

  1. Danny Coburn-9th grade, Sanford School with a perfect score
  2. Daniel Barker and Marcin Cencek, both of Cab Calloway (two-way tie)
  3. Jacob Sackett-Sanders, Cab Calloway

Honorable Mention: Josh Yoon, Tall Oaks

Dramatic Monologue with Script:

  1. Lydia Stinson, Tall Oaks
  2. Josh Katz, Sanford
  3. Danny Coburn, Sanford

Honorable Mention: Megan Palmer and Jessie Mitchell, both of Tall Oaks.

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