Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Odyssey of the Mind

Come and have fun by joining the Odyssey of the Mind program at CCSA!

Odyssey of the Mind is a program that encourages students to find solutions to open ended problems by utilizing creative problem solving methods.

Each year, five new competitive problems are presented and teams up to 7 students spend months working toward solutions.

During the competition in early March, teams present their solution in the form of a performance to a panel of volunteer judges. Part of the competitions also requires the team to solve a spontaneous problem, in which they are given an issue to resolve on the spot, which is also part of their score.

Teams are lead by parent volunteers and they worked for several months toward their solution. The solution to the problem is usually presented in the form of a performance and may involve any of the following activities: building hand made props, designing and building a backdrop, design and building technical devices, developing and writing that will represent the solution to their problem, making costumes for the performance.

The skills learned by the students while preparing for their competition includes brainstorming ideas, compromise and working with limited resources, thinking out of the box, team building. It teaches things student don't always learn in a classroom setting.

For more Information on this program, you may contact Joslyn Morris at, who is the Odyssey of the Mind teacher coordinator and HS Spanish teacher at Cab and/or Helga Kuhlmann at, who is the Odyssey of the Mind parent coordinator.

This program is open at Cab for MS and HS students.

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