Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fashion Weeks at Cab

Cab Calloway Fashion Club is teaming up with our DFRC Committee to hold our first ever Fashion Week!!

High School Fashion Week will be during the week of April 26
Middle School Fashion Week will be during the week of May 3rd

Fashion Week is an opportunity for high school students to have fun being fashionable while also contributing to a charitable cause, DFRC (The Delaware Foundation Reaching Children with Intellectual Disabilities). Prizes will be awarded to the winner each day and an overall male and female “Fashionista” will be crowned at the end of the week (for both middle school and high school)!!

Fashion Week Activities:Monday – Best Shoes
Tuesday – Best Formal Attire
Wednesday – Best Accessories
Thursday – Best Casual/Party Attire
Friday – Best “Get Up” The urban dictionary says, “Get Up” - ones apparel or outfit directed to look good!!

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