Friday, October 16, 2009

PTSO finds "Free Money" for Cab Calloway

Here's a message from our active PTSO:

For those of you who did not attend our first PTSO meeting, I wanted to let you know that the budget was approved for this year. With everyone's support, we hope to have a wonderful year. Are you wondering what the PTSO does for your school? With the approved budget, the PTSO will provide funding and support to our parents, teachers and, most importantly, our students for the following:
  • Academic competitions
  • Community Service
  • Copy/Printing
  • Health and Wellness
  • Instructional Support
  • School Support
  • Staff Support
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Technology

In order to pay for all of these programs, we need your support. One very easy way to help reach this goal is by participating in the Acme, Zingo, Target Receipts and Box Tops for Education Programs. Just send in your register receipts and box tops. We will take care of the rest. Many schools make over $5000 per year simply by sending in these receipts. All your child needs to do is drop the items in the box in the office.

Another easy way to earn "FREE MONEY" is through the Matching Gifts program that many employers have. Bank of America, ING, and I am sure many other companies, have programs in place that will match a donation you make to our school. If you make a $50 donation to Cab Calloway apply for the matching gift, your employer will make a $50 donation to Cab Calloway. Please take the time to check with your employer to see if they participate in this wonderful program.

Bank of America employees: Registering for a match online is simple and is the fastest way for Cab Calloway to initiate the processing of your matching grant. Matches can be registered online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at:

ING Direct employees: Obtain the form titled Community Matching Gifts Application. Fill out Part 1 of the form and then send it to me (Betty Dunn, Treasurer) so I can fill out Part 2. I will send it to ING to fill out Part 3.

If you plan to contribute to Cab through a simply donation, please consider applying for the matching gifts program.

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