Thursday, March 26, 2009

BPA Competes and Wins!

Cab Calloway School of the Arts sent their BPA club to the Delaware State Business Professionals of America Competition in Dover in February. The BPA Club members are: Sharnelle Anthony, Miranda Garrett, Veronica Hanus, Sarah Barker, Veronica Slater, Natalie Lane, Eevry Goren, Leann Umeroglu, Kelsey Shivery, Jessica Szymanski, Devin Lloyd, Erin Kelleher, Brianna Jeffreys, Reilly Megee, Nik Eastburn, Sam Katz, Victoria Welch, Jonah Green, and Noah Henry.

Sarah Barker won 1st place for Prepared Speaking, Veronica Hanus, Sharnelle Anthony and Miranda Garrett won 1st place for Career Research Team, Sam Katz won 3rd place for Spreadsheets, Reilly Megee, Nik Eastburn and Briana Jeffreys won 2nd place for Web Team, Sharnelle Anthony won 1st place for Extemporaneous Speaking, Natalie Lane won 2nd place for Extemporaneous Speaking and Veronica Hanus won 3rd place for Extemporaneous Speaking. Miranda Garrett won 1st place for Computer Literacy, Business Fundamentals and 3rd place for Business Communications, Sam Katz won 3rd place for Computer Literacy and 2nd place for Business Fundamentals and Erin Gallagher won 4th place for Business Communications. All medal winners qualify for National Competition in Dallas Texas in May.

Club officers are Noah Henry as President, Veronica Hanus as vice-president, Leann Umeroglu is secretary and Veronica Slater is Treasurer. The chapter advisor, Nancy Cleveland and co-advisor Angie Barker accompanied the club to the competition.

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